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Discover why PMI Big Tex is the Best property management franchise in the country

At PMI Big Tex we specialize exclusively in the Short term rental market of the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. Marco A. Burbano the owner and operator went to high school in Dallas before moving back with his family to raise his child here. PMI Big Tex is part of Property Management Inc. which leads the way in Property Management with hundreds of locations and properties across the country. Having more than 12 local branches in the area to support the other pillars of Property Management like Residential, Commercial and HOA; PMI Big Tex has decided to focus on what they know best: Short Term Rentals that are becoming ever more popular in post Covid times where so many people can work from home and prefer to travel while doing so. We started Short term rentals with our own property on Airbnb five years ago thus know what owning and managing a property in Short Term Rental means, especially in an ever growing market with more demanding customers. We have learned how to avoid running into unexpected pickles by planning every detail of every trip.

Picture of Marco Burbano
Marco Burbano Owner

My name is Marco Burbano I started my own business during high school and have continued to do so ever since. I love the freedom that this gives me, but it also means that I must rely on a great team of professionals to support and achieve the level of detail and professionalism that I am accustomed to. I love to host: be it a get together in my own home, or Short Term Rental property for a living. I went to high School in St. Marks in Dallas and then went off to graduate in Business Administration in Mexico City where I lived for the most part of my life. After I married my lovely wife and had a child and I moved back to Dallas to allow them to experience the city I fell in love with in my younger years.

I know about customer service because I have been specialized in sales and customer care in every company I have been involved with over the last 15 years. I will strive for perfection and keep the high standards that PMI has established by keeping customers happy that recur to us for help in planning their most precious memories; as well as homeowners who entrust us to look after their property like it was our own.

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